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Pierre Emmanuel Duprat grew up in the sixties in Levallois-Perret, then a city of workers and cars.


His parents of Southwestern origin have just settled there.

He wants first  wants to become a writer or a forest ranger

His artistic interest is the music he studies with the  Jazz pianist Bobby Few, who also lives in Levallois.


While working he follows  studies of history, ethnology and semiology at the University Panthéon-Sorbonne- Paris 1


In 1983, he met Brion Gysin, the inventor of cut-ups,  who then sings poems in the group of Bobby Few and Steve Lacy.


He meets at Brion a young artist on the rise, Keith Haring.

After his MA in History, in 1984, he received a Fullbright scholarship to study Television at Brooklyn College.

obtained a Master of Science in 1986.

In New York we are in turmoil when Basquiat and the Run-DMCs dominated the ecstatic atmosphere.

It is also the beginning of the AIDS years.


Back in France, he worked in a multinational without finding satisfaction.

He will be an artist and an entrepreneur.


As a creator without borders, if he is mainly interested in painting, Duprat has with the digital industry a new tool to which he will adapt by creating games based on the automatic writing of surrealists.


Between 1993 and 2013 he filed three patents and developed four games  inspired in particular by Carl Jung and synchronism.


From 1996 to 1999, he found a new breath and new friends by settling  in Brussels.


Among other things, he developed his technique of painting on wood borrowed from the primitives.  Flemish, adapting his language which he intends to become an infinite rebus of  the unconscious.


The influence of northern culture is integrated into his work where he meets  photo and painting, abstraction and figuration, past and present, science and esotericism.


In 2006, he published an artist's book, photos and drawings responding to each other in an imaginary journey, at the Center Pompidou.

  Appreciated by great collectors including Asher Edelman in New York, Emmanuel, an incessant traveler of the spirit, continues to cross disciplines in a score still in writing.

Since 2007, he has played an active role in the center of Paris, as a volunteer,  through various charities.

The magician.
1998 Oil on Canvas. 140x 80 cm
Private collection France


multimedia art - industrial creations - art-artist edition

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